Grande health and wellness:


As a company, Grande is dedicated to creating an environment that encourages Associates and their families to live healthy lifestyles through education and support of health and wellness objectives.

Grande’s health and wellness strategy can be defined by these three steps:

Prevention: Prevent health issues by making preventative health and wellness resources available to all Associates and their families. This will include programs such as the health risk assessments, biometric scorecard, and the Grande Health and Wellness Centers.

Education: Continuously educate Associates and their families on the importance of healthy lifestyle behaviors and the affects that lifestyle choices have on their health through various forms of communication and learning events. Some include, Johnny Journal wellness articles, wellness presentations onsite and via web, and Grande Health and Wellness blog postings.

Support: Create a supportive environment that provides the right tools to make healthy lifestyle choices such as wellness challenges, health coaching (telephonic and in-person), smoking cessation programs, healthy food choices, onsite fitness centers and quality health care through Grande Health and Wellness Centers.

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