Who is eligible to utilize the Grande Health and Wellness Clinic?
Full time and part time Associates, their spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children ages 8-26 may take advantage of the Health and Wellness Clinics.

Do I need insurance to be seen at the clinic?
Having insurance is required for you to use the clinic. It does not matter if it is a Grande insurance plan, other company insurance, or state insurance.

Am I able to use the clinic during my shift?
If you come to work and are feeling ill you may make an appointment at the clinic. You will also need the approval of a manager to be seen during a shift. If it is a preventative care visit it is recommended you do that outside of your work hours.

If I have an appointment during my shift and need to drive to a different location what should I do?

If you need to travel to a different location to be seen during work hours you need to clock out, change out of your uniform, boots, and any other PPE before you leave. Associates will not be paid mileage for this.

What services are available at the clinic?

The clinic provides services such as: Primary, Preventative Care and Health Maintenance, Health Promotion and Patient Education, Management of Chronic Diseases, Diagnosis and Management of Acute Non-Emergent Concerns, and Lab Services. For more detailed information on what services are provided check out the clinic services page.

Are there any holidays the clinic will not be open on?

Yes, the clinic will be closed on Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve-closing at noon, Christmas Day, New Years Eve-Closing at noon, and New Years Day.

Who has access to my medical records?

Medical records are held by a third party. No one at Grande has access to your medical information or anything pertaining to your clinic visit.

Who are the providers at the clinics?

Our clinics are staffed by providers from SSM. For more information on providers see the provider biographies page.

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