Realizing that wellness plays a role in supporting our organizational culture, Grande partners with SSM Health, Asset Health, and other vendors to provide a comprehensive wellness program that reduces health risks, increases productivity, and promotes a healthy work environment.


The Health and Wellness Centers – Clinics – are designed to provide primary and preventative care, disease management, patient education and wellness promotion services to Associates. By offering this benefit, Associates have access to high quality primary healthcare that is very convenient, offers personal one-on-one attention, encourages healthy lifestyles through a dedicated wellness focus and reduces Associates’ time away from work.

Grande’s Health and Wellness Centers – Fitness Centers – are at all facilities. The Fitness Centers have a variety of equipment including but not limited to free weights, cardio machines, medicine balls and resistance bands. Fitness centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Associates to use during their lunch break, before or after their scheduled workday or on their days off.


Grande’s healthy nutrition program allows Associates to enjoy healthy snacks while at work at no cost to them. Fresh fruit is delivered weekly to each facility ranging from apples and oranges to kiwis and avocados. In addition, oatmeal and toppings (craisins, banana chips, apricots, etc.) are provided in all break areas as well.


Designed to target the needs and interests of Associates and their Spouses or Domestic Partners’, Wellness Challenges offer fun incentives to encourage the organization and their families to take strides towards healthy lifestyle choices.


This program is designed to encourage Associates to practice healthy lifestyle habits by offering reimbursement for fitness classes, gym memberships, virtual programs, and Weight Watchers. Associates can be reimbursed for 50% of their membership dues and/or fitness class fees up to a maximum of $400/year. Reimbursement is contingent on the completion of a Fitness Reimbursement form (link to form under “FORMS”) and the Associate’s attendance at the fitness center, fitness classes and/or Weight Watchers meetings.

For complete details, visit the fitness reimbursement program page.


Grande has partnered with Asset Health to provide you access to a variety of resources and online courses that will help you better understand your overall health and wellbeing. These resources will assist you in taking a more direct and active role in the successful management of your most important asset — your health!

This program not only offers the chance to improve your health, but also to earn a medical premium discount for the 2024 plan year. Medically enrolled Associates and covered spouses are eligible for a significant premium medical discount for each reaching their choice of approved wellness activities.

Non-medically enrolled Associates/spouses are encouraged to participate in the program to support their personal wellbeing and maximize the health and wellness culture at Grande.

All participants will be eligible for additional incentives throughout the year.

The following programs and features will be available to you:

  • Online Health Assessment (HA)
  • Wellness courses tailored to your health needs
  • Wellness challenges
  • Fitness activity tracking
  • Personalized incentive tracking to monitor your progress
  • Health and wellness educational resources
  • Total wellbeing portal activities

For more information, visit the Asset Health page.

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