• Explanation of Benefits is a statement sent by UMR that tells you and your provider what portion of the provider’s charges are eligibly for benefits under your insurance plan. An EOB typically describes:
  • The patient and the service provided.
  • The amount charged by the provider.
  • The amount of the charges that are covered and not covered under the plan.
  • The amount paid to your provider.
  • The amount you’re responsible for and will be billed for.

Remember that the EOB is not a bill, but it explains what was covered by insurance. The provider may bill you separately for any charges you’re still responsible for. You can also view your claims and EOB statements at www.umr.comonce your log into our account.

Find out more information on reading your EOB Here! Below is more information on how to set your account at UMR.com and view and print off EOB’s to manage your claims.

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